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Dont waste your time

Полная чушь

It does not work

When scanning your finger in does not work 100% of the time. If I could give it no stars I would

I love this app

Except you have to pay 5.99 to find out the full details about yourself


Do not waste your time or money on this app. It is a stupid generic piece of garbage and if you it to get the info it just gives you some random information that could pertain to anyone and isnt even correctly written. It seems to be poorly translated from another language. This app is a joke.

This is crap!

I didnt find this app helpful at all, the answers are vague and disconnected.. There is no way this is true. You would have better luck with Myers briggs, unfortunate waste of money!

Overpriced in store purchase

To get your actual results it wants you to pay $5.99 just to view them. That is overpriced. I deleted the app after realizing it was a waste of time. DO NOT get it unless u want to pay $5.99 to get your results.




I love this!!!!

Loving this so much

I love this so much it definitely describes me very well awesome app

The worst app ever

Im so mad for getting this app

Terrible app

Does not work. Frustratingly bad. Do not waste your time - thought it would be a fun “gimmick” activity but wasn’t fun at all.

too expensive!!!!!!!

this is way too expensive!!!! just give it to us for free!!!!!

It’s ok

It is fine but could be better

Skeptical at first - Very impressed almost immediately

It was honestly super fun seeing how they map out your hands. For an app - it goes a lot more in depth than I imagined. Pretty impressive and I love how it ties into astrology



This app was bad

This app was so frustrating to get into when they had to scan your hand. It would be a lot better if it was easier


You need to fix your app because it wouldn’t register my finger! It kept flashing green then back to normal and was saying something like “ processing “ then it said move finger here here here here so I kept doing what it said but after 7-8 minuets I got fed up and deleted it.... I will not get this app again until you fix it.

Palm reading

In the beginning it didn’t want to read my palm or fingers.

Love it!


Terrible App!!!

I’m gonna explain this in the most rational way, but overall this app frustrated me greatly. First of all, the hand scanning took way too long and would often flicker the directions back and forth where I couldn’t even read it. And the prices are RIDICULOUS! I shouldn’t have to pay so much for a “palm reading” that might not even be true. There was basically no features that were free. Unacceptable and a waste of time.

Pretty awesome,

I’ve only seen the ads for this app on my Facebook recently and thought why not?? It’s all about your mindset and how open you are too it- as well as your patience while trying to get your hands in the green designated area. Over all if you do the free trial and actually remember to cancel the subscription I think it’s pretty fun. It’s nice to sometimes feel as if someone or something might have a better insight into your life. Over all I think it’s pretty awesome- and would probably keep it around.


They want to take a picture of your finger prints so they can steal your information. Let’s face it, you give your full DOB and the city you live in and then wants to take clear finger print pictures. Yeah, this is a very new and sneaky way hackers are getting through to steal and scam you! WARNING ⚠️DONT USE THIS⚠️

What a joke.

You literally cannot do anything without paying. Not worth it unless you want to waste tons of money.


It did answer a lot of questions about me correctly. Overall I am very satisfied from using this app. I am more confident about my future after reading my palm results.



Couldn’t get passed the thumb scanning part.

I did this for like 15 minutes and had to delete the app. It took me forever to get passed the scans.

Struggles and prices

I got on to the app very excited to try it out. I found this app on a youtube commercial. It was SO aggravating to the my hands completed (If you know what I mean). Then it gave me a slide show. I liked it, I was impressed (For now). On the add, it showed a woman asking questions of her life in the future. But, they did not tell me about the price. I was so excited, but then it told me to pay!! I really think if they change things to $1-5 they’d make even more money! So many more people would buy (including me)! I was so disappointed and after all that aggravation the app doesn’t let. Me do anything except watch the little slideshow. Overall, things didn’t go as expected but it is very sophisticated so I am asking, please lower your prices as it will help me and you and all of your other consumers. Thank you for your time.

Surprisingly Accurate

I read over the story the app gave me for my hands, and it was surprisingly accurate (I haven’t had a lover yet, so I do not know about those, but other than that, they got many things right!). The only problem with this app is that everything costs money, and you can’t get a closer look at your statistics and you can’t ask a question about your future. Unfortunately that is the reason why my rating is so low.


The app is interesting but you have to pay to do all the good stuff. Why though.

It took me hours to get the stupid picture thing to work

And I can’t do anything without paying I don’t care about the other features just making asking questions free!

10/10 would NOT recommend

It’s so hard to get your hand registered into the camera and the pinky finger is so small that it doesn’t even think it’s a finger. You also have to wonder what they are going to do with your fingerprints after. It’s only a PALM reading! The gender is bad because if your LGBTQ+ it makes you pick an option for that so that they can’t pick the wrong gender ex: so that they won’t stereotype a girl and a boy together. Needs a lot of improvement and I’d honestly feel safer going into somebody’s home than trusting an app on the App Store with practically all my info.


this is stupid and crazy I got my hopes up so high yet to this dumb app you have to pay for everything and it’s not fair that we’re giving you all of our information about ourselves and yet when we actually get on the home page of it you have to pay I deleted this immediately after I saw that I had to pay and saw all the comments I’m not very happy with this app I hope it “IMPROVES” so that you can actually do stuff on here like geez I am not paying you just to get some fake answer I really hope this improves

Pretty good!

Easy enough to use, only problems are the pricing for each function that you constantly have to subscribe for. Very expensive and makes me a little more skeptical of the accuracy of my readings.

Great for when you’re feeling lost

I really like this app! I think the functions are great, but a little pricey. If you’re feeling a little lost in life, this app can help you maintain a positive outlook on life and motivate you to keep moving forward. And while it tells you things about yourself as your palms read now, the more you continue to use the app and rescan your palms the more useful information about yourself, you will receive!

It’s alrighf

It isn’t that bad it’s cool to look at the stuff it gives you!

Not free

You have to pay money to use most aspects of the app. Also, it takes forever to scan your hand.

App crashing

I like the app a lot but it consistently crashes after 5 seconds.

Good information

I enjoy all the information this app gives. It is a bit spendy but also addicting.

Giving up your identity + paying for it

Watch out... they are collecting your information and making you pay for it.

Costs too much.

This is a good app but it just costs way too much. 39.99 a month? That's way too much. Maybe 9.99 is a more suitable cost for this app.


This is a really good app if you want to find more about yourself. I found it helpful in learning about my strengths and weaknesses that I have. It also tells you in percentage of how much you are an introvert and how much you are an extravert. Within using this app I was able to see the different percentages of the different skills it offers like knowing how much percent of interpersonal skills I have. The app also allows you to search for people that share similar traits you have, and you are able to chat and talk to them.


$31 gone.

Doesn’t work

Spent over 20 minutes just trying to get a read on my pinky and it won’t work. And when you log out/log back in it changes your preferences to share your info each time. Don’t trust this app it’s a scam and waste of time.

Cool idea - but not worth the asking price

This app is a really cool idea, but the price per month to use all their functions is far too high. Half of the info will be static information - so there is no point to paying monthly just to have access to it. I can see with paying a monthly service for the connect with people or daily bio since that has to change out - but the deep dive into the profile should be a one time payment. I paid 6.99$ thinking that would open up all functions for a week - only to find out it was one section. Not to mention I paid 99 cents upfront to try it. Great idea - but the app doesn’t hold value - or at least didn’t seem like it to me.

I get madddd!!!

Ok so I get to the thumb part and pinky area for the fingers and it will keep blinking green and I have been waiting for an hour and I was so mad it just would not work and why should you need all the fingers when you can do the whole hand this makes me mad.

Waste of time

Crappy app. Didn’t make it through the scanning process and when it didn’t do it the first time, or the 25th.... or didn’t registered... I thought “forget it.”


Takes me a long time to do!!!I can’t seem to get it right.AT ALL!!!can the developers at least do something!Not using again!Sorry

Waste of time

I hated this app! It was nearly impossible to get pictures of my hands and when I finally accomplished it, it was only so they could sell me high priced "subscriptions" to their "services". Don't waste your time.

Don’t trust this

You’re giving away your fingerprints for free let that sink in for a minute

love it

great app! love it!

This had me all wrong

It said I was a great friend lover worker and artist. I’m a failure no friends no work no art. Good try you had me from a life that was a good one not the current one I am in. I am being nice.


First of all, the app asked me to read my hand, palm, and each individual finger. That took about an hour itself where the camera wouldn’t focus, the app was glitching, or the finger frame was off. Then after about an hour and five minutes, when the results came through, it gave me a small slideshow with my personal qualities, and for everything else interactive, or questioning like shown in the video, you had to pay money for. Great idea, smart app, but you can’t just have people go through such a long and difficult process that goes to waste for people who don’t want to pay 7 dollars a week. I hope you found this helpful!

Don’t waste your time. It’s all paid

Convoluted process to figure out that you have to pay for EVERY function of the app


This app charges you 30 dollars every week after the free trial that they sell you on. Then it gives you general information about your palms. Make sure you’re careful if you sign up that you disable after free trial

Fun. Interesting.

I like the app and would love to actually use it more but it’s just so costly. Going to keep it for now and get the free trial.. I can’t afford the expense of it but I love the features and insight ALOT!!! It’s an amazing app!!


Great app

I thought it was to read my palm

Aside of personal questions you guys also gather fingerprints. I thought this was a palm reading app not gathering my fingerprints as well (which contains someone’s identity). Dont feel trusted. Through your fingerprints someone can attain your life inf as well as social security.

Sign up

I am unable to sign-up. I fill in my info and when I tap “sign up” nothing happens...

I don't feel safe

I don't feel safe to scan and upload all my fingerprints into this app..... Are they collecting our personal info? Imagine what they can do with our fingerprints! A little bit scary to me.

Finger prints owwe Noo!!!

I downloaded an after the hand scan pic i deleted as fast as I can wanted each finger print an I thought to myself this is not smart with a world full of hackers , scammers, and crime I’m not going to give any consent of my finger prints to whom ever behind this app to use for whatever purpose if I can give zero stars I would because that was a little to personal for me the only thing I sense is an identity thief ..!!!

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