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Dont waste your time

Полная чушь

It does not work

When scanning your finger in does not work 100% of the time. If I could give it no stars I would

I love this app

Except you have to pay 5.99 to find out the full details about yourself


Do not waste your time or money on this app. It is a stupid generic piece of garbage and if you it to get the info it just gives you some random information that could pertain to anyone and isnt even correctly written. It seems to be poorly translated from another language. This app is a joke.

This is crap!

I didnt find this app helpful at all, the answers are vague and disconnected.. There is no way this is true. You would have better luck with Myers briggs, unfortunate waste of money!

Overpriced in store purchase

To get your actual results it wants you to pay $5.99 just to view them. That is overpriced. I deleted the app after realizing it was a waste of time. DO NOT get it unless u want to pay $5.99 to get your results.




I love this!!!!

Loving this so much

I love this so much it definitely describes me very well awesome app

The worst app ever

Im so mad for getting this app


Be patient with the app, the results are great!


It’s interestingly enough pretty accurate. I’m having fun seeing how all the info is lining up!

Love it

This app is so amazing wouldn’t trust any other app

Aweful doesn’t work

Spent an hour on this never uploaded Rc Not worth the time or 99 cents


Do not waste your .99. It is a pain to take the pictures of your fingers/hands; the camera doesn’t recognize them or work well. Haven’t gotten past that because I’ve been trying all day to get the software to recognize my finger and it doesn’t work.

Hidden Cost - $752/Year

It’s a dollar to join the club but $752 to stay (for a year). I like the story it came up with because it was ALL positive about me, who wouldn’t, then comes the “In App Addon Charges” give me a BREAK. Basically I paid to take a photo of my hands - nice job team!


This is a complete scam! Do not buy this at all! You have to pay for every single thing after paying for the app! DO NOT BUY!

Money hungry

Terrible app not only do you pay to instal it but to get any answers or even use the app in general they make you pay more money, to me this is just a giant scam for them to make money

$1.00 to download only no answers given

Wow!! So disappointed. Paid a dollar to find out I had to keep paying more and more to find out anything. Should be more upfront about the costs involved

This app is a scam

Don’t buy it

Way to expensive !!!!

I already payed for the app and then once your in it you have to pay a lot more money which can get expensive. You might as well go to a personal palm reader or Psychic

Total BS

Total BS and total rip off


I would not give this app any stars! It leads you believe that after giving them your prints, finger and palm, that you would receive feedback , but instead you can’t go any further without paying more money! Basically they charge you $1 for you to take pictures of your own hand! Hell, I could have done that for free!!!

Pay for every step of the way

I BOUGHT THIS APP. And still have to pay for everything inside it, every step of the way this BS nickel and dimes you

Fingerprints are weird

I dunno about this app

It’s good

I personally love it so far!!


a great app, but don’t take everything close to your heart.

Cool app

Be patient when taking pictures of your hand and fingers. Once you get your readings, it’s pretty cool to see how much it knows about you. Lots to explore in this app but you have to pay extra for everything.


This app is fun and interesting! Took a while to complete the beginning but def worth it!

Many charges

So far this app charges a dollar for download, offers somewhat of a free trial, but requires reviews to be written for one function, and wants to charge $10 weekly for other functions. It seems many more additional charges may be in store around every corner, at this point, based on how things seem to be panning out.


I want this app to work but I’ve had it for three months and still can’t get past the capture of the thumbs. I’m sure it’s an amazing app but the thumb capture criteria needs to be explained.

Read the Reviews and then save your money.

I seriously wish I would have read the reviews on this app. I normally do before I purchase an app but for whatever reason I did not this time and boy am I kicking myself in the butt. What a joke of an app. It is so freaking frustrating to even get the camera to take a photo of your hand. I literally paid .99 cents to be annoyed. 🙄😡


After taking 30 mins to get all the pictures and then spending 10 minutes running my prints through some fbi database it finally rambles off a bunch of nonsense and then wants $10/week to use it. Waste of time

Takes forever to scan


The worst app ever!

Don't waste your money on this! Piece of crap!!!! I want my .99 cents back!!!! I wish I could give this app a negative rating because that's what it deserves! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️👎👎😡😡😤😤

Don’t waste your money

Useless and will require more purchases inside

Kinda cool, looks promising, expensive for a novelty app.

Kinda cool app... they really need to re evaluate to cost structure to use it. If you get all features it’s too expensive. Needs work but it’s new so hopefully they improve it and make it realistic.


I’ve had this app for forever the only reason i haven’t deleted it is because i had o pay for it. It will not scan my fingers and it takes hours and a thousand try’s just to get one finger done.


You pay $.99 for the app and don’t get any info!! You basically paid for it to use your camera! Everything in the app has to be bought to use...not going for it! Some one is just out to be rich!! I’m not your sucka!!

Wow! What a concept!

This could be a game changer. A lot of potential

Serious crime! Don’t download the app!

This app requires you to provide not only your palms, but also your FINGER PRINTS!! All of your fingers!! Beware guys, it’s seriously dangerous.


Be patient with this App, especially with taking pictures of your hand and fingers. It took me awhile to complete it! I admit it was frustrating but after it was completed and I got my readings.. it was mind-blowing! I’m literally impressed by how much of ‘Me’ was described in the readings. It’s nice to know these things. I’d recommend to download this app. It’s very interesting!

Worth it!

Really cool app and fun to play with; gives you a unique view into yourself.

Waste of time and phone battery

You have to be a hand contortionist to do this and it still doesn’t get a reading. Don’t buy this.

Not user friendly

It’s too much personal info going out and not a lot of info coming back.

Interesting App

Cool, but heavy on paid content

Worth it

Pretty cool!! A lot of interesting features

Photo taking was challenging

Couldn’t get passed the setup to even see results.

Waste of $

App doesn’t not function properly. Also, did not give me any kind of read out.

In app purchase

Seems like a fun idea but there is a lot of payments I disagree with.


I am just getting into this app but the tech is amazing. User friendly!

Was interesting

But you have to pay extra for everything! Not worth it. W


Love it great app

Interesting app

The app has some quirks but it provided some interesting insights into my personality. I must admit that I am not a fan of paying for the app then having additional in-app purchases so that I get a better experience. Why isn’t there one price that covers all?


Am I the only one who is concerned that a company from Belarus is getting our finger prints, name, date of birth, home town, picture, etc.? Look at the company address for this app...The Republic of Belarus is known for their KGB Headquarters and Stalinist architecture. I am NOT a Trump supporter, but this does concern me. Frankly, any app that wants closeup photos of my fingerprints and my personal information makes me nervous.

Not entirely silly

I enjoyed the life story it put together at the very beginning. I'm a little confused about what I have to pay for and if I will be overcharged or secretly charged. But a fun way to pass the time.

Kinda cool

Taking pictures was seriously one of the most difficult experiences of my life though. I’d like to see more actual lines of my hand and why they mean what they say


I wouldn’t waste your time on this app ! They just want you to purchase in app stuff ..,

Don’t buy this app

This is terrible app.


You pay 0.99 for the app and then you have to pay 1.99 for every thing the app offers. Avoid it!

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