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Dont waste your time

Полная чушь

It does not work

When scanning your finger in does not work 100% of the time. If I could give it no stars I would

I love this app

Except you have to pay 5.99 to find out the full details about yourself


Do not waste your time or money on this app. It is a stupid generic piece of garbage and if you it to get the info it just gives you some random information that could pertain to anyone and isnt even correctly written. It seems to be poorly translated from another language. This app is a joke.

This is crap!

I didnt find this app helpful at all, the answers are vague and disconnected.. There is no way this is true. You would have better luck with Myers briggs, unfortunate waste of money!

Overpriced in store purchase

To get your actual results it wants you to pay $5.99 just to view them. That is overpriced. I deleted the app after realizing it was a waste of time. DO NOT get it unless u want to pay $5.99 to get your results.




I love this!!!!

Loving this so much

I love this so much it definitely describes me very well awesome app

The worst app ever

Im so mad for getting this app

Great app

Taking a glance into your future has never been easier. I like the answers Sense has given me about work and relationships! <3

Best 👍

Best predicting app I've tried so far! It gives you a complete insight about yourself to learn what's about to happen. What a cool app!

Great app

Hands can reveal so much about personalities. I've liked this app's answers so far and can't wait to share it with my sister: she'll love it too!

don't do it.

DONT DO IT. If you subscribe it will charge your account 1.49$ every week!!!!!! Luckily I noticed it after they only got $14.90 from me but if I didn't notice that it could have gone on forever without me realizing it!!!

App refused to download

The app Refuse to download and was charged to me anyhow

This is agonizing to use

It took me so long to get the app to read my thumb that my arm started hurting, and I gave up when it couldn’t read my index finger. I wish I could get a refund.

amazing appp

this app is so realistic and is kinda scary how much it actually works. you do have to pay money into the app but it is worth it


Waste of money !!

Rip Off Don’t Do It!

I bought the app for 99 cents, it wasn’t worth the 99 cents. Spent an entire 30 minutes taking pictures of both hands, palms & each finger, took forever because camera has to be specific or it will not accept, after 30 minutes of picture taking & uploading it downloads a thing with a little short video saying So & so is loyal, her friends love hanging out with her, she makes a good manager & then poof for more information you’ll need to pay $20 or $30, each specific area costs money. What a waste. I want my 99 cents back & that’s pretty bad when you don’t even feel like you got 99 cents worth! Rip off!

A bunch of crap

Don’t do it!!! As soon as you scan your hands there is nothing you can do unless you pay a fee and it’s not worth it. A bunch of hype!

Not worth it

Seems cool, that’s for sure. $.99 no big deal. Now I have another random dollar charge on my account?

Waste of money and time

Taking pictures was time consuming and frustrating. They give you a general forecast that any horoscope can give you as the app gets your birthday at sign up. After getting all the pictures you have to pay for anything you want to know. Ask a question and you are brought to a screen to purchase your answer. WTH? Didn’t I just purchase this app? What a waste. Save your dollar.

This is beyond stupid

Spending 99 cents on this made me the idiot. It is difficult to get the photos but it’s not accurate at all!


I want my 70.00 back! And the ability to download an app such as this that isn’t the biggest scam I have come across in 34 years!

Waste of time and money

This app shouldn’t be allowed on the market. Do not waste your time and money on this app. Also know that it asks for your fingerprints and is probably selling them.

Save the $1

To many add on subscriptions... there is no real information given everything is very vague. 6.99 a week are the subscription costs. Don’t fall in the trap. Far better apps out there

costs more than 99 cents

In the preview for the app, I expected to be able to ask questions and receive answers. However, I paid 99 cents for a “story” about my life that honestly seemed pretty generic. You have to pay for literally everything else. You can’t even ask it one question without a pop up telling you to sign up for an annual/monthly/weekly fee

It’s $99 a year to get ANY info

Be prepared that for $.99 you get no information just option to buy more data about you based on your scans and birthday. This is bull !!!


This app is a complete garbage, don’t even bother...

Bad app

Don't buy this app. I feel it like a scam with a few basic. I will delete if even it free.

Ripoff... run

What a ripoff! They charge 99 cents and then the app won’t let you use it without paying for a membership. I wasted a dollar and while this company gets rich stealing people’s money in a scam.


The program is not fully opened to use all its functions. The way the program is advertised has all the functions operating and all for a dollar.


I’m shitting on my pants Do these people would have access to your full finger print???😳😳😳😳 I realize after I did it!


Waste of .99, don’t buy. Can’t access any of the features without a monthly subscription.

Lower Your Already Low Expectations

I wasn’t expecting anything out of this app other than a few minutes of cheap (99 cents, to be exact) entertainment. However, I didn’t even get that much. Taking pictures of your hand on this thing is nearly impossible. You fit your hand in the outline and it tells you 15 different commands “Move your hand down” “Move your hand right” “Move your hand left” before telling you that you need a “darker background” and the camera completely freezes. I don’t know what’s darker than a black sweater (my background of choice). I even changed the lighting in the room thinking that would help with no success. Keep your 99 cents and go spend it on a hot dog from 7-11. Even that is more useful and satisfying than this crap.

Scam/sketchy/don’t download

You have to scan each hand, palm and all ten fingers which doesn’t work. Then as you’re trying to do it you realize they’re scanning your fingerprints in an age where we use our finger print to unlock our phones, bank accounts etc... on top of that, once you finally bypass the scanning part there is nothing to do in the app unless you pay expensive fees for each feature. I would expect this from a free app but this one actually charged 99 cents to download so I thought at least some of the features would be included. Completely falsely advertised and possible identity theft software. I think this app needs to be reviewed by security teams (Apple and US Government). Please do something about these scammers. Thanks.

Don’t get it

Worst decision ever purchasing this app I’m out 50$ cuz it automatically charged my account don’t waste ur time or money on this app whoever made this is a scam artist.


What a piece of crap. I thought it would be novel and fun - like a magic 8 ball - but after paying $.99 you get zippity do dah day until you spend more money. No thanks.

Don’t bother

You get nothing for $.99 but a cute video about yourself.

Rip off! Do not buy this app!

There is absolutely nothing that you can do with this app without paying even more than the $.99 that you have already forked over. You make a profile and take photos of your hands then you can ask a few question (which is the only thing you can do without paying for a subscription) and then after a couple of questions then you are required to pay even more money. This would be an interesting app if they wouldn’t restrict literally EVERY functionality of the app. LAME! Don’t waste your money on this P.O.S. App!! You’ve been warned

Good idea but not good application/use

Camera does not scan/read the fingers well. Very difficult to use on your own. Even with the help of another person the finger scanner still did not work. Kept flicking saying processing and it never works.

Fu@k this app

This app tells you sh;t that you already know, deep inside. Takes forever to download then starts to charge $$ your account EVERYDAY!! I even canceled the account and deleted the app only to see another charge a couple days later! Now I have to download the app again, which takes FOREVER, and delete the account AGAIN!! I hate this app!

Such a scam

Doesn’t even scan your hand


Should have been fun after paying .99 for it... then you realize you have to pay to use any of the functions. Skip it.

Don’t waste your time and money

The app is selling an annual subscription for $39 and gives nothing back. It charged $.99 just for nothing! Total BS!

Warning: SCAM!

After agreeing to .99 cents/month for an amusement app, I am now not only being charged $85.39/month on an automatic renewal, for an app I’ve since deleted, but I’m also being DOUBLE billed, 2x each month, for a total of $170.78. After having my accounts hacked into, recently after using this app, I’m afraid to even think what they’re doing with the fingerprint info they ask you to scan into the system.

Waste of Money

You are paying 99 cents to give them your prints. Everything else is an upcharge.

Zero stars

Zero stars it will not let you move forward till everything is scanned and it will not scan the finger on my left hand I tried even with help for 2 Hr do not buy this app it was a waste of $ and there is no support

Fraud money APP & Fake

you will buy this app 0.99$ but you cant see nothing to do!! You want to see all function work you will pay 79.99$/week !!!🤮🤮 it so disappoint😡😡 it fake i give money 0.99$ but i cant see nothing . 🤬🤬🤬


No worth it

Don’t do it !!

Should of read the reviews. Do not purchase this app, looks very tempting but this is nothing but a glorified horoscope app. You pay .99 for the app and then have to pay or subscribe for every other feature!? Wat is that about! I don’t know what to make of this app, other than it’s nothing special and no way special enough for what there charging. Delete this app!

Total Scam !!!!!!!!!

They gather all your data for stats, difficult to get a good scan, then they want more $$$$ OMG !! How do I return this !?!?!?


I used the app paid the dollar even canceled any subscriptions have been being charged for months even twice some days I would like a refund and will be making a complaint to the better business bureau and apple


The .99 is the cost to set up the system. No information at all. Complete joke. Then you have to pay to get an answer. Spend $10 and go to a palm reader at least you’ll have a good time.


Love love love!


They auto renew and I can’t stop it! I even removed my credit card from Apple and they still try to bill twice a month!

Worst App !

Boring costly and nearly impossible to unsubscribe from


It takes so long to scan your hands and fingers that I’m about to just delete app. I can hold my hand perfectly still & it says I’m still moving and it can’t scan. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!




Too much $

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