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Dont waste your time

Полная чушь

It does not work

When scanning your finger in does not work 100% of the time. If I could give it no stars I would

I love this app

Except you have to pay 5.99 to find out the full details about yourself


Do not waste your time or money on this app. It is a stupid generic piece of garbage and if you it to get the info it just gives you some random information that could pertain to anyone and isnt even correctly written. It seems to be poorly translated from another language. This app is a joke.

This is crap!

I didnt find this app helpful at all, the answers are vague and disconnected.. There is no way this is true. You would have better luck with Myers briggs, unfortunate waste of money!

Overpriced in store purchase

To get your actual results it wants you to pay $5.99 just to view them. That is overpriced. I deleted the app after realizing it was a waste of time. DO NOT get it unless u want to pay $5.99 to get your results.




I love this!!!!

Loving this so much

I love this so much it definitely describes me very well awesome app

The worst app ever

Im so mad for getting this app

Don’t download

They charge you for the app and ask to scan fingers and palms and fingerprints- then after doing all that you cannot see any analysis ... unless you pay INSANE amounts of money. So stupid. Fun for .99- you’d be retarded to pay $3-13 for each function of $79.00 Now they have my fingerprints and that’s concerning

Don't pay for this app

I cant even get past the 1st step where it makes you put your hand within the hand layout. My hand doesnt fit in it and I’ve been trying to get through it but it just doesnt work!!! So lame!! Even when you get it in the right position it takes forever to scan and at that point you have your hand in a weird uncomfortable position that it hurts to even keep it the way you want it!!!!! I hate this app so much!!

RIP OFF!!!! Don’t get this.

UPDATE!!! Free trial will charge you $79.99 automatically after 3 days, every week. RIP OFF!!! Hard to cancel subscription! Great idea lacking in real execution. You have to scan your hand for every question. What’s the point. My hand isn’t growing old or changing that fast. There is a thing called memory on our devices. Don’t waste your time or money. RIP OFF!!!

So far I'm very impressed

Well made

Don’t waste your money

Paid .99 to get a “story” about myself. Everything else that it advertises you have to pay extra for. A complete rip off. Already deleted it from my phone.

You have to pay for everything

This app draws people in and those with little control or confidence may actually pay for everything... it's a drain on money for something that should be fun. It's cool factor gets 5 stars but I don't find any monetary value in paying for this. But as a money making app, genius, making people pay for something that is essentially hoopla.

Do not buy

It’s freaking useless and just try’s to finagle more money out of you after your initial purchase.


Great app

It’s ok

The information is more focused around what ï already knew about my astrological sun sign.

I thought it was a cool idea

However; the constant charging for what the app says it offers, and using people’s emotions to do it is really disgusting. I want my money back.


Is pure Crap ! Don't waste your time or money

Money hungry and pointless

Don’t waste your money on this app. Literally a pile of garbage.


Very interesting hate that for everything you have to pretty much pay

The cost is unreal.

You have to buy everything within this app, you pay .99 to see something generic, I would probably purchase more of the items or things within it, if it gave 3 free days or 3 free tries since you already paid .99 but when you can't actually judge what it says, it makes it a pointless app, that you pay for before you actually get any value. Do not do it. I wish I read reviews before I purchased...these developers should hook someone before they ask for more money for each thing.

Rip off!!

I give it a rating of 1 because i cant give it a zero. I know its only a few dollars but its a total waste of a few dollars.

It’s alright I guess

I honestly can’t tell you it does what it says. I don’t think it does. Not all that worth it

Great concept

The app starts off fine but you eventually have to add on features for .99 a piece.

Pretty awesome

If you try and apply the suggestions in your everyday life it's pretty amazing to see it's really relatable.

Expensive but worth it?

This app requires many transactions, but the information seems very spot on for me


After paying 99 cents you will give them your palm prints and finger prints do not do this not a good idea


SO Accurate!!!


love the app!! too many pop ups though

I’m warning you now

1- fraud! It doesn’t actually answer the question and keeps saying the same answer for all my questions. 2- makes you scan ur palm every time 3- I was on a free trial and cancelled my membership before the trial was up but it still charges me $32.99 for membership and $.99 for the question. Like how does that make sense? Do not waste ur money on this and save urself the headache of trying to get it back by contacting Apple.

Won’t capture small pinkies...

Waste of money. Can’t even take a photo of my pinky. Wish I would have read the reviews first. Please refund.

Money back please

This app doesn’t work, I cannot take the photo of my thump I want a refund.

Bull s...

This is a scam

Not worth it

The app works but I’ve cancelled the subscription twice on my Apple ID and it still charges me.

Great app



I thought after reading the reviews that this app couldn’t possibly try to help people and be THAT money hungry. I was wrong and now they have $1 from me. You can scan your hands and watch a video that explains nothing and then continue paying. There is nothing you can do on this app without paying more money. FAIL. This app is a complete failure until the software developers sort that out. I have no incentive to participate in anything else the app has to offer because I have zero trust in it.

I like it

Cool app just pricey


This app does nothing

Do Not Buy RIP-OFF!!!

Do not waste your money first of all it took 3 years to do 1 Hand, it probably wasn’t the best idea to give away my finger print but what ever and you have to pay extra money to see any answer. P.S I tried rating 0 stars it didn’t let me ?


it’s a lot of money for somethin you’re not sure works.

Why was this .99 cents?

I am completely disappointed with this app. It was .99 cents to get in to watch a video with generalized specifics just to try and upsell me to a monthly subscription. The user area you do get access too doesn’t have anything useful until you pay. So what did I just pay .99 cents for? A hand scan with no data on the other side unless I pay more. Worst scam I’ve seen from an app. .99 cents down the drain.

Complete trash

This application was purchased for fun and it is complete junk. I would have had more fun if I spent the $0.99 on a block of wood and then hit myself in the head with it repeatedly.


Is pretty cool

Weirdly cool

It might be complete crap but honestly It made sense

Not worth time and money

I should’ve read the reviews before downloading this. First you have to pay to download then after painful getting your hands and fingers and palms to scan, it doesn’t even tell you anything basic and you have to pay to do anything else. I even as far as paying for an extra service... I HAD TO RESCAN MY HAND AGAIN and then all that for one sentence of info. I usually don’t write negative reviews but needless to say I’m pretty disappointed.


Charges you $0.99 for nothing and then wants you to pay $80 for a 7 day subscription to access all your information. Defiantly don't purchase!

Rip Off

BS. I fill out all the stuff, scan my hands and fingers (which was a pain to get to work), and then after all that they want me to PAY to see the results after I already paid to get the stupid app. Total BS!

Awful. I want my money back

Charges you extra money for every. Single. Feature. Every question, every report, everything. Don't waste your money downloading this--it is useless unless you are willing to spend even more for any real feedback.

This is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

My daughter downloaded this app, never bought anything but somehow got involved in a weekly auto renewal subscription cost! $215 later we find this out. This is criminal bull$hit!


Wish it didn't cost so much but I enjoy reading things like this.

Getting your fingerprint data

I started to do this app and then became very apprehensive as it took detailed photos of my fingerprints. This could be used against you in many ways. Do not do this!

Not good

This app will NOT recognize either thumb to finish the setup process it is a complete waste of money.

I like it

Ok it costs more then 99 cents to look at your stuff but it’s awesome!! They give you a free 3 day subscription and I loved it. I thought it was super helpful, I enjoyed it. I recommended it to my sister. We love stuff like this!! Its expensive for an app but really knowledgeable and I mean I’d pay $20 for someone to read my hand and write it all down for me. It’s fun! Try it!


I cried!

My 2016 Mercedes payments/month is cheaper then this app.

I love this app. But it will cost you $497.60 a month for every aspect of the app to be accessible. I'm not joking. There are 10 different accessible sections of the app that demand weekly payments. Nine of them are $10.49/week with one of the them being $29.99/week. I've purchased a new Mercedes for less. Get the usage of the free three day trials and unsubscribe. I'd be willing to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99 for the app, but the costs of this app are astronomical. $5,971.20 a year for an app is something above total robbery.

Not worth downloading

I want my money back! It’s crap! Scanning your palms is nightmare! It’s horrible!

SCAM!!!!! I want my MONEY BACK!

Complete waste of money. You pay to get an app that does NOTHING unless you pay tons more money for each feature. SCAM!!!!!!!!

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