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The worst app ever

Im so mad for getting this app

Dont waste your time

Полная чушь

Loving this so much

I love this so much it definitely describes me very well awesome app


I love this!!!!



Overpriced in store purchase

To get your actual results it wants you to pay $5.99 just to view them. That is overpriced. I deleted the app after realizing it was a waste of time. DO NOT get it unless u want to pay $5.99 to get your results.

This is crap!

I didnt find this app helpful at all, the answers are vague and disconnected.. There is no way this is true. You would have better luck with Myers briggs, unfortunate waste of money!


Do not waste your time or money on this app. It is a stupid generic piece of garbage and if you it to get the info it just gives you some random information that could pertain to anyone and isnt even correctly written. It seems to be poorly translated from another language. This app is a joke.

I love this app

Except you have to pay 5.99 to find out the full details about yourself

It does not work

When scanning your finger in does not work 100% of the time. If I could give it no stars I would

Every things is an in-app purchase!

For the love of Fate, DO NOT BUY!! Every single thing is an in-app purchase, so you don't get ANY graphs or even the fortune telling function, etc. All you get is some poorly edited quizzes (seriously, either a non-native English speaker or a dyslexic person wrote every quiz I opened). This app is basically a menu for the real app -- everything is $3.99 unless you buy the full package which is like $15. SUCH A RIP-OFF, DO NOT BUY!!!!!

Waste of time

Dont download. Nothing is free in it. Itll cost $15 after your free 3-day trial. Not worth it at all.

Very disappointed

You pay $.99 for the app and then you have to agree to multiple in app subscriptions in order to read each section. Granted, it says you can get "3 days free" IF you cancel your subscription was in the three days. I'm very leery about this and I hope that I'm not charged when I cancel this immediately. Each charge is $9.99 or higher. I can see this easily running up your bill to $50-$100 quickly. Very disappointed.

Surprisingly Good!

I love personality things like this, and the findings were very accurate. Seems a bit pricey, and the photo part is a bit touchy and can be frustrating to use.

horrible app

really poor quality app takes FOREVER to try to take pics of your hands and not only do they want your hands they wants pics of your fingerprints too....fishy...waste of money! will be getting a refund app doesn't even work! if I could give 0 stars I would.

Palm reading right at home

This app is extremely specific when it comes to analyzing your future or any questions you have. I was honestly surprised to see so many functions and options to look at pertaining to what my hand has to offer. I do wish there was just a flat rate for everything on the app not just each little section.

Good app

Interesting concept.

Fun With a Grain of Salt

I think it's fun to play with this app. Of course, nothing can tell you everything by just looking at your hands, but it's interesting to see how "oddly accurate" things are (similarly to when you see astrology memes). There are two things I don't like. NOTHING is free. Everything is either a trial or a purchase. The only thing you get with the app purchase is a simple personality evaluation. The prices are ridiculous and I probably won't keep playing with this after a few days. Two, sometimes the camera freezes when reading the right palm. Never has happened for the left though.


nice app

Pretty Decent

Tried it, and the small offers within the app. It's honestly on point on some personality features~ But other it's not. However really impressed on how accurate it is for a IPHONE APP. 78% accurate.. To be honest. If you want to discover something new, it's kind of worth it :) down side, it has a lot of in-app purchases :(

Love it

love the app, it's fun


This is an awesome app! You should check it out! Get ready to really learn about yourself!



Absolute garbage

Literally everything costs money after you pay the $0.99 and $14.99 for a 7 day subscription and when you ask questions 85% of them can't even be asked. Don't even waste your time or money.


everything was redundant and cost money

Don't waste ur $0.99

I paid $0.99 to purchase the app only to see that every piece of information you receive is additional $$. Don't waste ur money. This is a joke.


Totally fascinating

Takes forever to read palm.

My hands and arms hurt you have the hold position a really long time. And it still doesn't read your palm. It also freezes up.

Omg I can't believe I paid $0.99 for this

The app has high graphics but the quality of information is very bland and general. And then AFTER I paid $0.99 for it, I had to enroll in subscriptions to get any other information out of it! Not very entertaining.

Not clear on how to deactivate auto renewals

The app tells you you will be automatically setup with auto renewals but does not include information on how to deactivate auto renewals.

Good app

Good app

Insightful but comes at a cost

Interesting and insightful app but costs more than the .99 price tag to actually be functional.

I want my money back!

This is seriously the stupidest app I've ever purchased. I want my money back. Waste of time. Don't bother. 😡

Everything cost inside

Anything u want to try will cost u money

Awful don't get

Waste of money tbh. Had to pay to download the app then was expected to pay a weekly subscription for something I already paid for. And the subscription price was high. I don't recommend. Wish I never got the app in the first place.

Quote notification are too much...

I got a notification with a Donald Trump quote...ew! I'm, thank you.


Paid the extra dollar for a question and the answer had nothing to do with my question...

Love it!

Very interesting. And right on target!


Cool app. Worth the dollar


It takes so long to register literally at least 15 minutes

Waste of 0.99

I didn't realize how much work it takes for the app to get the prints. I worked on trying to get my pinky on my left hand to scan for a good 10 minutes before just giving up all together. It should be a free app until the bugs are worked out.


This app has given me so much insight into myself! I wouldn't have believed it but it predicted an event before it even happened! Crazy!!


The camera detection is a little off as it took over 30 minutes to scan one hand, but the information you get is very interesting.


This app is honestly so interesting, I definitely recommend it. I haven't been using it for very long, but it's definitely opened my eyes a lot to aspects of myself and how they come into play within my life. Amazing app.

Faulty Camera Detection

I spent about 12 minutes trying to get the camera to recognize my thumb. I tried several different lightings and backgrounds and couldn't get it to recognize my thumb. I could never actually use the app because I couldn't get past the part where it detects your fingerprint.

Very good

Gotta say, pretty impressed. Had pretty much the same reading I got from an actual palm reader years ago. Very accurate

Money back

I'm gonna need my money back. I've been trying for a while now and can't even get all the pics right. And you have to sign in every time? If I can't get the pics the app is useless and I've been trying for a while now.

I want my money back!

It simply won't read my right hand! Just doesn't work!

It was fun but the scanned hands wouldn't work.

I want a refund. It took 20 mins for me to stabilize my right hand for the palm picture but it still wouldn't take!!


Do you know how hard it is to photograph your thumbprint? Waste money on this app and find out. Never fully signed up as it never fully downloaded the right Palm. Flash kept going dark and when it did "capture" my palm it froze just before completion. After toying with it for ten minutes and my phone getting red hot from the light being on for so long the app simply disappeared. No information whatsoever was kept from the original frustrating ten minutes. Piece of useless crap and I want a refund.



Junk & I normally love this kind of stuff...

Always asking for more money - clunky navigation and notification nonsense.

Awsome app

It helps to see a computers way of prediction so I can aim to be better when things aren't looking well.


I really love the app. Bring such a direction into my life.


It said it was going to try to charge me .99 cents every 7 days? For what? It didn't answer one question before trying to charge me again. They tried to get into my bank account too.

Not worth it!

First, the app needs you to take a total of 14 pics of your hands and fingers, which would be fine if the app were any good at it. It took me about 15 minutes longer than I feel it should have. Second, your dollar only gets you about a third of the app's functions. It's another $3 to get the rest. For a couple of bucks more I could have my palms read by an actual human.

Great app

Very interesting app! I am learning quite a bit about myself that seems relatively accurate.


I love this app I just don't like how u have to buy the stuff

Sense review

I really like the daily quotes.


Neat app

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